My dear.

Welcome to my homepage.

What I Do

I have a previous experience in tourism, and I worked in hotel management for a big part of my life. Also my university studies are tourism related. Therefore I can understand and predict what might be interesting and needed for you. I am very happy when people come to our country, and want to learn more about our history and culture. I do wish to provide you with the best perspective on this, and also give you insights on our great traditions. Your trip might be a totally different experience, once you learn more about this beautiful country from the eyes of a local. If you wish to have my services, I will gladly offer them, hoping that it will make your trip a special one.


Who I Am

My name is Daniela, and I am a mother of two lovely children. They are already grown up, have their own families, and independent lives. Since my children are grown up, I have more time and therefore would like to do something useful but also pleasant. That is why, I realized that I very much enjoy helping people and make their lives easier. Especially because I am a sensitive and empathic person.


My Offer

I can arrange your needs (hotel, apartment, transport/taxi, your leisure time). I`m your assistance during your stay in Czech Republic

Say Hello.

in case that you need help or want to plan your stay in Czech Republic please feel free to contact me. I would like to help you